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Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Watch your ideas travel off the page and evolve on screen.



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Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Watch your ideas travel off the page and evolve on screen. Part of the Smart Writing System, the Smart Writing Set is an instant-access kit containing a dotted layout Paper Tablet, Pen+ smart pen and Moleskine Notes app: everything you need to bring the all advantages of digital creativity to your freehand notes and sketches.

Ncoded paper technology allows the Pen+ to recognize exactly where it is in the Paper Tablet and capture each stroke as you capture your thoughts. The Moleskine Notes app then smoothly transfers words and drawings from page to screen in real time, so you can digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your content to life.

The Smart Writing Set is compatible with all other Moleskine Paper Tablets and the Smart Diary/Planner. Boost your note-taking, sketching and time-management by adding different page layouts, sizes and formats.

A new set of tools

The new Smart Writing Set is a system made up of three objects – the special Paper Tablet notebook,  the smart Pen+ and a companion App – that enable you to digitally edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents.

The legendary way to write, the latest way to curate and share

A new set of tools to write, draw and work with.
Easily create digital text and images and share them right away with your smartphone or tablet.


Joining the fundamentals: the analog and the digital

In sync with the demands and realities of a modern work life, the new app, which is compatible with Windows 10, introduces a number of features which fit into dynamic professional realities on the run. For instance, handwritten notes can instantly be digitized in 15 different languages and the content you create can be transferred as you write and draw onto larger screens or TVs, making meetings, pitches and brainstorming sessions far more engaging and effective.

Specially designed notebook

The Paper Tablet works together with a smartpen and an App to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper.
The Paper Tablet feels like a notebook but is purposely designed with extended rounded edges to look like a tablet.


What comes in the box:

– Paper Tablet N°1 dotted with special paper designed to work with Pen+ in dotted layout
– Pen+ smart pen
– USB cable for smart pen recharging
– 1 pen tip ink refill
– User manual
– The history of Moleskine

The Moleskine Notes app can be downloaded for free from the App Store℠, Google Play™ and Microsoft Store.


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