Nokia 8210 4G Blue Dual Sim

Nokia 8210 4G Blue Dual Sim

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Nokia 8210

A classic design, redefined.

A nod to the classic, the new Nokia 8210 4G brings bold design and striking colors – with an array of new features and audio capabilities.

Calling a friend with Nokia 8210 4G

Rapid speeds and better call quality, for today and tomorrow
4G connectivity delivers rapid connectivity and better call quality – perfect for enjoying more of what you love.

Big display of Nokia 8210 4G

Built for ease, with a big display

Plus, Nokia 8210 4G comes with an easy-to-use interface. And it all fits perfectly in your hand or pocket.

Nokia 8210 4G features a big battery

Hours of talk time. Weeks of standby

Discover a new even bigger battery – so you can do more, and recharge less.

Camera screen of Nokia 8210 4G

Capture life’s best bits
An inbuilt camera lets you capture life’s best bits – then share them easily with the people you love.

Inbuilt MP3 player of Nokia 8210 4G

Your favorite tunes, on the move
Enjoy your favorite jams with an inbuilt MP3 player. Perfect for making your day, wherever, whenever.

FM radio

Featuring both wired and wireless mode, so you can listen to your favorite sports, music, and broadcasts at home or on the move.

FM radio of Nokia 8210 4G

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