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Whirlpool W Collection American Style 4 Door Fridge Freezer


An American Style Fridge Freezer which features silent operation and an outstanding storage capacity to accommodate all your storage needs.

  • Reversible Door
  • Energy Saving



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Beautiful Design

Distinctive aesthetic elements, such as user-friendly interfaces, intuitive ergonomic controls, and other attractive design features.

Fine Design

560 – 600 L Capacity

The Whirlpool side-by-side is designed to provide all the space you need to comfortably store your food and drinks.

You’ll have plenty of space to stock up on groceries, thanks to its large capacity which can hold up to 32 bags of food shopping.

6TH SENSE Fresh Lock

Preserve food for longer, in the most natural way.

6TH SENSE Technology powered by Inverter Compressor ensures precise and consistent temperature control.

When the temperature changes, a sensor activates the Compressor that quickly restores it.

6TH SENSE Fresh Lock

6TH SENSE Freeze Lock

Freezer burns are reduced preserving quality and appearance of food.

6TH SENSE Technology minimises temperature fluctuations in the freezer.


No defrosting required.

NoFrost technology reduces the humidity inside the freezer, preventing ice build-up.


The spacious FlexiFreeze compartment adapts to your needs, allowing you to select the correct temperature level for what you are storing.

Soft Freeze – 7°C: Avoid defrosting for frozen food you will eat within a week. This allows you to place food directly from the freezer into the pan.

Mild Freeze -12°C: Keep ice-cream and desserts ready to serve.

Deep Freeze -18°C: Preserve nutritional value of the food for longer.

Electronic Control System

Pitch-perfect performance.

This Whirlpool Refrigerator features an Electronic control system that ensures correct parameter settings at all times, providing the ideal performance and temperature control.

Electronic Control System
Fresh Cooling

Fast Cooling

The temperature inside your refrigerator drops immediately when new food is stored.

Built-in sensors automatically adjust cooling temperature to return food to the desired temperature in half the time.


This Whirlpool Refrigerator features a fan that provides a smooth and even flow of air in your appliance’s cavity, for enhanced ventilation.

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