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Off-site Back Up Services

While small businesses and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may not have large-scale back up requirements, this doesn’t make backing up data from unforeseen IT disasters any less vital. More than two thirds of small businesses that suffer a major data loss go out of business within a year. It’s clear that every business should have continuity plans in place to recover from unexpected downtime and data loss. Yet because only the largest companies tend to have a dedicated IT department, many SMEs lack the time and resources to backup their data effectively, relying on scheduled backups throughout the day. While scheduled backups might mitigate a disastrous data loss, they will not protect any information created or changed since the latest backup. This can be particularly devastating for companies whose data changes frequently.

Our  off-site Backup Service is designed for small to medium businesses who wish to be able to back up and restore individual or multiple files. Server Backup uses a server based software agent to encrypt, compress and back up changes in data and system state in real time over your existing Internet connection to our storage infrastructure locally or abroad.

Because your data is encrypted it can only be read by you, and because we only backup changes, backups only take a short time. And because your data is compressed, you will actually require less space on our system than yours – typically we achieve a compression ratio of 2:1 but this is dependent on the type of data stored.

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