GREE LOMO 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner | A+++ | Wi-Fi Smart Control | DC-Inverter | New R32 Gas

GREE AMBER 24,000 BTU Air Conditioner | A+++ | Wi-Fi Smart Control | DC-Inverter | New R32 Gas

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Gree AC

GREE Wi-Fi Smart Control

GREE WIFI Smart is a software developed by GREE, providing connection service between your devices and your GREE air conditioners. GREE Wifi Smart App can realize the short distance connection with your GREE air conditioners, as well as the long distance connection with your GREE air conditioners.

Gree Smart

Soft Start

Through adjusting the startup voltage and capacitor of compressor to lower its starting current, enabling the compressor to start smoothly, restarting the impact on distribution network and postponing the wastage on compressor.

Intelligent auto restart

Upon power is resumed after power failure, the units in the whole building will not be restarted at the same time to avoid impact of electricity net. (Especially suitable for engineering project)

Latest R32 Gas

Uses the next generation R32 refrigerant, which has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than conventional refrigerants, so it is much more environmentally friendly.

Latest R32 Gas

Adjustable memory

Adjustable memory function is available through controlling remote controller, conduct setting flexibly according to use’s usage habit.

Installation Included

Installation includes up to 4 metres of copper.

*The images are for demonstration purposes only and some features and colours shown may not be the same with this model.

  • Installation of up to 4 metres of copper and one single Wall drilling is included
  • Extra metres – €25 per metre
  • Ceiling Drilling – €80
  • Dismantling of old unit – €25
  • All the above are payable directly to the installer on the day if needed
  • A power outlet in the vicinity of the installation point must be prepared prior Installation

Residential Warranty

  • 5 Years Parts and Labour

Commercial Warranty

  • 3 Years Parts and Labour (Comprehensive warranty subject to the Maintenance Agreement)

Delivery and Installation is only available to Malta.

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