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Mobile Phones Support

Intercomp offers support on Huawei, Microsoft Mobile and Nokia mobile phones and smart phones. First line of repair is handled by our team of trained technicians which includes software upgrades. All other required repairs are mandatorily shipped by Intercomp to a nearby overseas officially appointed service hub for immediate repair and return.

In the event of Samsung phones having to be sent overseas for repairs, the process is handled by Intercomp in conjunction with the official Samsung distributor, while all Apple iPhone repairs are handled directly by the local official Apple Service partners.

Intercomp also offers a full 24 month parts and labour guarantee for all Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft Mobile and Nokia phone users who have purchased their phone through the official channel.*  Batteries carry a six month warranty period.

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*Official Channel consists of Intercomp outlets located in Marsa, The Point, The Plaza, Sliema and at PAMA Shopping Mall, as well as  all of Intercomp’s  authorised resellers .