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iPhone SE (2020) Malta

Apple iPhone SE

This is the phone for you if you just want a new iPhone, that will last you a couple of years, but at the same time don’t want to break the bank. If you’re after a good enough but not high-end performance, then that’s what the iPhone SE 2020 from Intercomp Malta will provide you with. It includes a good camera, enough power, a great App Store to browse through and a design that is even lighter than the current set of iPhone 11 models (which are also available from Intercomp Malta). Although battery life could be better, the technology used for the screen is starting to age, and those who look for upgrade will miss the earphone port however, the smart improvements make this, all the while keeping the price in mind) one of the best iPhones Apple has ever made.

Apple iPhone SE

The production of the iPhone SE 2020 is centred around a single aim, that is to be able to offer a new iPhone for a lesser more reasonable price, and it achieves that well. For €519-€699 you can get yourself a brand new iPhone SE from Intercomp Malta, which is probably one of the best iPhones ever produced. The design of the phone is going to be quite familiar to anyone who’s used an iPhone recently, with 4.7-inch frame, complete with bezels top and bottom and a home button with an in-built fingerprint scanner. It’s now seen as the smaller version of the iPhone that has the all-screen designs of the more recent models, and it is just as much lighter as it is pocketable than any one from the iPhone 11 range.

Apple iPhone SE

It is water proof, but does have some drawbacks thanks to the older design, being that it lacks an earphone port at the bottom, and because the display technology is slightly old (being that it is similar to the iPhone 8) it can suffer in bright light when you’re trying to watch videos or the like. Although sticking to the same design as the iPhone 8, the innards have greatly improved. Noticeably the new A13 Bionic chipset inside, increases speed nearly everywhere and really does better the performance to exceed that of the older 4.7-inch models. Here at Intercomp Malta, we think that it’s not quite at the level of the iPhones that were launched last year, but it’s not far off. That A13 chipset has improved as well as the camera performance, despite no discernible change to the specs of the sensor since the iPhone 8, being that there’s just one lens on the iPhone SE 2020. It takes bright photos that are good enough and that most people would be happy with, although it doesn’t quite offer the same colour reproduction or clarity as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example.

The portrait mode doesn’t work as well as on phones that pack a second, depth-sensing sensor for precise bokeh effects, and due to this you can be left with some odd-looking fringing around the edges of the subjects in your photos. However, overall the camera, and especially for the price of the phone, takes impressive photos under most circumstances.

We at Intercomp Malta, think that the battery life is probably one of the biggest issues with the iPhone SE 2020, meaning that it’s not going to easily last you a day unless you’re a particularly light phone user. Given the number of power-hungry apps available that will make the most of all that power provided by the A13 chipset, it would have been nice to see at least a battery that would last all day, even for the lower price.

However, don’t let that detract from the fact that the iPhone SE 2020 from Intercomp Malta follows on from its predecessor by bringing you a new iPhone, with not a lot of compromise, for less money than you might expect. While it is not very impressive when it comes to power or performance, it more than offsets that by being the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever launched while still including refined and useful hardware, making the new iPhone SE an amazing option for those who are either on a budget or who just want to join the Apple family.