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The Latest Apple iPhone 12 2020

The Latest Apple iPhone 12 2020

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Pick your perfect screen size

We’re not talking the announcement of one new iPhone. We’re talking about four – iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Mini | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 Pro Max

The new iPhone will come in all new sizes – so you’ll find the perfect phone for your pocket. The smallest is the iPhone 12  Mini at 5.4 inches – which should be a fave for fans of the smaller iPhones. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro  (both 6.1 inches) and the giant  iPhone 12 Pro Max– coming in at a huge 6.7 inches.

All screens come with something called Ceramic Shield. Apple say that it’s the toughest smartphone glass around. That’s a big relief when you’re nervous about dropping your brand new iPhone 12. Opps Proof !

The Latest Apple iPhone 12 2020

Apple goes 5G!

Apple have joined the race to make the most of all that superfast 5G has to offer. During the show, they focused on just how much 5G capability will improve downloads, streaming and gaming. It also have the advantage of getting amazing speeds on the go without the security risk of public WiFi. Plus, you get 5G no matter what model you pick!

New cameras

First seen on the iPad Pro 2020, LiDAR is coming to the iPhone 12. It means you can try all kinds of impressive photo trickery – for example autofocus in lowlight up to 6x faster. It also unlocks a low-light portrait mode. Perfect for those late nights!

As for cameras, the Mini and iPhone 12 have a dual camera set up. The Max goes with three cameras (12MP Wide, Ultrawide and Telephoto). The Pro Max beefs this up further with a 5x optical zoom. We saw some of the images and videos taken on the new iphone models – and they look incredibly professional. Expect Instagram likes to come pouring in!

The Latest Apple iPhone 12 2020

Cool colours!

A new smart looking dark blue design looks great! You can also pick up the iPhone 12 in black, white, red and green. If you go for the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple offer graphite, silver, gold and Pacific Blue. Stunning!

New iPhone on new iOS

The iPhone 12 models will be running Apple’s latest software – iOS 14. That will introduce a bunch of new features like widgets, apps and picture-in-picture. This means your new iPhone will have some great new tricks up its sleeve.