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Canyon USB-C 1m Cable With Magnetic Rotating System

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  • USB Type-C connector with magnetic connection
  • Dual charging
  • 1m cable length
  • High quality braided cable
  • The magnet is so strong that the cable can “find” the connector by itself
  • Sliding angle of the connector, the wire does not bend or break

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USB Type-C Charging Cable With Magnetic Rotating System

Are you tired of looking for your discharged smartphone by touch – at night or in your car? Just put the connector into the USB Type-C slot, and the round magnetic contact of the wire will “find” it on your desktop, under a car seat, on a couch or in a chair. Besides, this charging method is protective and dirt-proof. You can charge two smartphones at the same time by connecting one wire to two different magnetic connectors, regardless of their standard. An ideal solution for those who value speed, convenience, and functionality!

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