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Lorgar Professional Audio Condenser USB Microphone 313

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  • High quality sound
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and Sony PlayStation
  • Supports Discord, OBS, FL Studio, Skype etc.
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Solid metal design
  • Volume knob
  • Echo knob
  • 2.5 m USB cable A-male to B male
  • Tripod included



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The Soner 313 USB Microphone is a simple and affordable way to get a 48 kHz reference frequency at 16 bit.
The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, ensuring clear voice transmission due to suppression of external sounds and noise. The sensitivity of the gadget is approximately 40 dB, and the operating frequency range is from 80 Hz to 17000 kHz. The volume and sound quality are easy to adjust due to the comfortable location of controllers.
The microphone stand is stable and allows you to position the microphone at the desired angle quickly. A fully detachable 2.5 m USB cable with plugs at both ends is used for a connection. The device does not require additional software or special skills – all you have to do is connect a microphone to the USB input of your computer and start chatting.
The design of the lower part of the device allows it to be used with additional pantographs and tripods.
The best solution for a comfortable game and work!

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