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Quorion QTouch-15 POS

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  • 15” Touch POS
  • Spill Proof Touch-Screen Panel
  • Processor 600 MHz Cortex A8, fanless
  • Lock DALLAS i-Button with 3 keys
  • Includes numerous interfaces to provide a maximum of connectivity, ranging from SD cards to USB devices, and LAN
  • Magnetic Card Reader as factory option
  • Dimensions (WxLxH) 350 x 375 x 90 mm
  • Stand-Alone: No license fees, no mal-ware (viruses, etc), no common pc malfunctions or intensive set-ups with drivers
  • Various Peripherals available – Printers/Scanners/Customer Displays/Scales
  • Prices on request

For further info, please visit: http://www.quorion.com/index.htm

The Quorion QTouch-15 POS – All-in-One with Integrated Printer is the larger brother of the successful QTouch 2. Boasting a 15″ touch screen and integrated video card, clients can fully take advantage of this attractive model, because your business is managed visually on the large display. With a faster processor, hard drive, and larger touch screen the
QTouch 15B is the ideal POS solution for larger businesses.
The Q-Touch 15B hardware, delivers system stability that is built right in. There are no mechanical HDD parts with the FLASH driver, as well as faster data access times. There are no noisy fans, because the processor is passively cooled. Integrated fans are silent and only vent, when needed.
The QMP POS software that controls your QUORiON POS is based on over 20 years of cash register programming experience and supplies complete functionality for a number business sectors.


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