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DELL Networking Solutions

Dell Powerconnect Network Switches provide Rock solid reliability and great price/performance points define these Dell PowerConnect switches. Offering Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, and support for dynamic VLANs (GVRP), you can choose between managed and unmanaged Gigabit switches for your enterprise.

Dell PowerConnect Switches

Dell has a choice of network switch offerings, each designed to deliver the ultimate in reliability, scalability and affordability.

PowerConnect 2700 Series

Dell’s PowerConnect 2708, 2716, 2724 and 2748 Gigabit Ethernet switches provide unmanaged switching with simple plug-and -play connectivity. Web-managed switching is included at the same affordable price.

  • Can easily convert to Web managed switches with a push of a button.
  • Full wire-speed switching across all ports and web-managed features.
  • Integrated port LEDs for intuitive visual inspection of port activity and settings.
  • Supports auto MDI/MDIX and auto-negotiation of speed, duplex and flow control.
  • Supports Virtual Cable Diagnostics by Marvel.

PowerConnect 3400 Series

PowerConnect 3424 and 3448 stackable Fast Ethernet switches are ideal for building a cost-effective wiring closet, enabling small-office desktop connectivity, or connecting to a Gigabit Ethernet backbone.

This family of four 24- and 48-port Fast Ethernet layer 2 switches all deliver resilient stacking, advanced security and enterprise-class management features. The 3424P and 3448P configurations also provide Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability. Because the switches adhere stringently to industry standards, they can be deployed with other industry-standard compliant networking devices, from security appliances to routers and even to other switches.

  • VoIP using Power-over-Ethernet and sophisticated Quality of Service (3424P and 3448P)
  • Advanced security, including network and management access controls using 802.1x, MAC-Based ACLs, private VLANs, RADIUS, TACACS+ and SNMPv3.
  • A resilient network with fail-over protection in a stacked deployment, LACP, multiple spanning trees, and redundant power options.

PowerConnect 5300 Series

PowerConnect 5324 fully managed Gigabit Ethernet switches provide exceptional price-performance, a secure networking platform and advanced network management features.

  • Secure, fixed-port Gigabit Ethernet switching solution that delivers full wire-speed switching performance.
  • Advanced security features help protect the network from accidental or malicious interference.
  • Advanced switching features enable network administrators to optimise traffic flow in the network.
  • High availability features include Spanning Tree Protocol and Rapid Spanning Tree protocol support.

PowerConnect 6200 Series

The PowerConnect 6224 and 6248 are Dell’s most advanced switches, offering sophisticated, Layer 3 switching capabilities to a range of users, from the small business to the enterprise edge. The family consists of 24-port and 48-port versions of Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 switches with optional stacking and 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

  • Resilient stacking running at 48Gbps up to 12 switches / 576 gigabit ports – almost 3 Terabits of switching capacity in a single stack.
  • Advanced security including 802.1x port authentication and wirespeed Layer 2-Layer 4 Access Control Lists.
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) giving the ability to prioritise traffic based on a variety of user defined criteria.
  • Supports as standard frequently used LAN routing protocols such as RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, VRRP, IGMP, DVMRP, and PIM.
  • IPv6 ready – supported as standard.